Pastor Inženjering offers servicing of fixed fire-extinguishing systems on land and at sea, at home and abroad.
Pastor inženjering for its service work has the authority of the Ministry of Interior to test fixed systems, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and service work is carried out in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The Pastor inženjering servicing crew have the appropriate professional qualification and have passed an expert exam for testing of fixed fire systems.

The systems we maintain and examine are:

  1. Fire detection systems
  2. Flammable gases and vapor detection systems (gas detection)
  3. Fixed water sprinklers (sprinkler, drencher)
  4. Fixed gas extinguishing systems (CO2, FM200, NOVEC…)
  5. Fixed foam extinguishing systems
  6. Hydrant networks
  7. Fire extinguishers

The systems we only examine are:

  1. Fire Dampers
  2. Fire doors
  3. Smoke extraction domes
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