About Us


Headquarters: Rakitje (Grad Sveta Nedjelja), Novačka cesta 2

OIB: 55598634637
MBS: 080107332
MB: 03913005
Court of Appeal: Commercial Court in Zagreb

Business Account:
Bank: Erste & Steiermärkische bank d.d., Rijeka, Jadranski trg 3A
IBAN: HR24020061100499205

Core capital: 10.000.000,00 , paid in full
Number of issued shares: 25000, nominal value 400,00 kn each

Members of the board:

  • Daniel Štern, member
  • Željko Lekšić, procurator

Supervisory Board:

  • Eduard Vasilj, president of Supervisory Board


Pastor inženjering designs on and off shore installations, both in Croatia and abroad. With its quality and performance, it complies with the strictest regulations of marine registers and all major international regulations for firefighting installations (Vds, NFPA, GOST, EN, …). Our customers and other owners of fire extinguishing systems have our well-organized servicing crew at their service.

Fire Protection

Fire alarm systems.

Gas detection systems.

Smoke extraction systems.

We are able to:

Create fire protection elaborations with fire hazard analysis and defining of protection.

Design projects according to domestic and foreign regulations and obtain necesarry approvals.


In the year 1930, Mr. Felix Pastor has established the first work¬shop for manufacture and service of fire extinguishers in Croatia.

By 1936 and 1937 fire extinguishers by the Pastor factory have been awarded high recognition for product quality on specialized exhibi¬tions (London 1936. – Gold medal, Bruxelles 1936. – Silver medal, Paris 1937. – Gold medal).

Over the years, the scope of production increases, so a new factory in Zagreb is built on Selska cesta, and the activity of compa¬ny is divided in production of fire extinguishers – Fire Extinguisher Factory – and designing and production of fixed fire extinguishing systems – Pastor Engineering.

The scope of production keeps on growing, so in 1978 Pastor Engineering moves to a new factory in Rakitje. The new factory, along with mechanical production, de-velops production of electric devices (fire panels, fire detectors…).

Today Pastor Engineering designs, produces equipment, in¬stalls, services and tests fixed fire extinguishing installations on and off shore, home and abroad.

Povijest Pastora

Our devices effectively protect factories and other buildings in Europe and the world (Austria, countries in the region, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Po¬land, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Guinea, Libia, Egypt, Siria, UAE, Cen¬tral Africa, India, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Columbia, Costa Rica…) The quality and performance meets the strictest require¬ments of all international regulations for fire protection installa¬tions like EN , VdS, NFPA, BS, NPB…, as well as ship registers.

The Company operates in accordance with implemented and certified to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as well as other branch standards.