New N20 extinguisher filled with NOVEC 1230 gas

Since the use of classic powder, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be avoided in server rooms, in collaboration with the Pastor Fire Extinguisher Factory we have developed a new N20 extinguisher filled with NOVEC 1230 gas. Of the many substitutes for halon, whose use was abolished by the Montreal Protocol, the NOVEC 1230 gas has proven to be the most suitable for extinguishing expensive and sensitive equipment. It is used for extinguishing electronic and computer equipment, laboratories, museums and valuable archives. Extinguishing is based on suppressing the chemical reaction that occurs between fuel and oxygen. The NOVEC 1230 is environmentally friendly, and its properties have a significant advantage over other halon substitutes.

Technical data:

  • Operating time: 30s
  • Range of jet: max.10m
  • Total weight: 60kg
  • Charging NOVEC 1230: 20 l / 32 kg
  • Charging nitrogen / N2 /: 15bar
  • Operating range from -20C to + 49C
  • Tank Test Pressure: 25bar
  • The safety valve is set to 22-25 bar
  • Rubber hose length: 5m